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Mary Patricia Chavez

Photo of Mary Patricia Chavez
Instruments Taught: Piano Taught Since (Year): 2012Ages/Levels Taught: 6 and above Home 2024 Wes Florence Lane Spokane WA 99218 Work Phone: 509-499-7054

Mary Chavez is a teacher and performing artist, composer, jazz singer, and jazz pianist from Seattle, Washington.  She initially studied music at home with her two musician parents.  She was a jazz music major at Cornish in Seattle, Bellevue Community College, and Western.  She received private instruction in piano from well known jazz pianists Butch Nordal and Randy Halberstadt, and classical pianists, Linda Sieverts and Thomas Hall.  She also studied voice with jazz singers, Joni Metcalf, and Rachel Bade-McMurphy.   Mary teaches all ages from her studio near Whitworth College in North Spokane.  She encourages students to be fluid readers of music notation and avid improvisers.  You can find more information on her website marychavezmusic.com.

Piano teachers are a valuable part of our business and our community. This is a list of piano teachers that have attended one or more of our “Recipe Of A Good Piano” workshops as a part of their dedication to continuing education. This workshop is on the differences in piano construction and how it affects the player.