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With the STEINWAY SPIRIO you can have a Steinway experience in your home.
Whether you play…or prefer to listen.




Invite the greatest artists to perform at your next gathering. SPIRIO is the first high-resolution player piano capable of delivering all the nuance and passion of the greatest artists’ live performances. It’s a masterpiece of artistry and craftsmanship worthy of the Steinway & Sons name and a place in your home, the perfect place to play it, listen to it and entertain with it.

The SPIRIO features a seamless, virtually hidden player system integrated from the piano’s conception. The highest quality technology combined with the unmatched Steinway grand piano tone, allows you to enjoy performances that are indistinguishable from a live player. – All from an app that is intuitive, sleek and EASY to control.

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The Steinway & Sons SPIRIO is the grand of all grand pianos. Whether it’s the baby grand model M or the larger model B, the SPIRIO offers something for everyone. From the experience of playing a Steinway piano to the soothing sounds of a Steinway artist in the background while reading the morning paper everyone will enjoy having a Steinway experience in their home.

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