Some of our used pianos may not be listed as we receive pianos from time to time. Calling or texting is best for up-to-date inventory.


Looking for a budget-conscience upright piano?

1. Just because a piano store can sell old, worn-out pianos, doesn’t mean they should.

2. Most times it’s in the store’s financial best interest to sell a worn-out old upright but not in your best musical interest.

Here at Steinway Piano Gallery, we care about your musical success. Many pianos other stores sell pianos that should be “retired” and not placed in a learning environment. Just because the keys work, make a sound or even look nice, does not make them a good instrument or a good purchase.


Consider the following from our FAQ page:


“Is acoustic always better than digital?”

Yes! • A HIGH QUALITY acoustic piano provides an experience that even a quality digital piano has difficulty reproducing. These are rarely found used on the market. They are purchase by those that play or are committed to playing the piano for a long time. If found, they are generally quite old and may not be the best value/option or if newer will not fall in the lower-end price range.

No! • An ENTRY LEVEL acoustic piano may have limited sound quality and limited action play-ability and at the very most be equal to buying a quality digital piano.

No! • A POOR QUALITY acoustic piano can be more of a detriment than a help and in most cases a worse choice than a quality digital piano.

1.) The feel and sound of a quality digital piano is above that of  older, poor quality pianos and many times equal to or above new entry level pianos.

2.) If budget/investment is a concern, poor quality pianos and lower entry level pianos usually require more tuning and upkeep.  This is a cost that many first time buyers may not understand nor desire to commit to.  Without this CONSTANT ATTENTION, a quality digital piano is a much better choice because it requires little to no maintenance.

3.) Quality digital pianos also provide the added benefit of using headphones.

4.) A quality digital piano is much different than a keyboard. Just because it has weighted keys does not mean it is quality. Quality digital pianos are not sold at big box stores and are reserved to be sold at piano stores by the manufacturer.

If you are looking for a piano under $3,000, most times a digital piano is a better option.