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Kawai Novus Hybrid NV10

May 5, 2018
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Kawai Novus Hybrid NV10

$197 PER MONTH o.a.c.

A hybrid instrument that delivers the true grand piano experience
The ultra-modern NV10 also features built-in Bluetooth® MIDI and audio connectivity, and a stunning 5” LCD touchscreen display embedded within the instrument’s left cheekblock, it’s strikingly beautiful ebony polish cabinet gives pianists the impression of playing a premium grand piano, while occupying less floor space than a standard upright. A celebration of Kawai’s 90 years of piano innovation, the NOVUS NV10 encapsulates the company’s many acoustic and digital achievements, fusing tradition with technology to redefine the grand piano experience for players and audience members alike.
• Peerless Millennium III Hybrid grand piano keyboard action • Integrated Bluetooth® MIDI and Auidio wireless technology
• Unique real grand piano damper mechanism • Modern 5″ LCD touchscreen display embedded within cheekblock
• SK-EX Rendering piano sound engine with multi-channel sampling • Flexible Virtual Technician function with 19 adjustable parameters
• Premium audio processing and amplification powered by Onkyo • MP3/WAV/SMF playback, record, and overdub to USB
• High-fidelity 7-speaker delivery system for enhanced depth • Stunning ebony polish cabinet with Soft Fall fallboard system




Keyboard Millennium III Hybrid grand piano action
88 wooden keys
• 88-key graded ABS hammers
• IHSS contact-less optical sensors
• Damper mechanism
Pedal • Damper (with half-pedal support)
• Soft
• Sostenuto
Piano Sound Pianist mode: SK-EX Rendering
• 88-key multi-channel sampling
• SK-EX recordingSound mode: Harmonic Imaging XL (HI-XL)
• 88-key stereo sampling
• SK-EX, SK-5, EX recording
256 note maximum polyphony
Piano Resonance Pianist mode: Resonance Modeling
• Damper Resonance
• String Resonance
• Undamped String Resonance
• Aliquot ResonanceSound mode: Acoustic Rendering
• Damper Resonance
• String Resonance
• Undamped String Resonance
• Cabinet Resonance
Piano Adjustment Virtual Technician (19 parameters)
• Touch Curve (incl. User Touch Curve)
• Voicing (incl. 88-key User Voicing)
• Damper Resonance
• Damper Noise
• String Resonance
• Undamped String Resonance
• Cabinet Resonance
• Key-off Effect
• Fall-back Noise
• Hammer Delay
• Topboard Simulation
• Decay Time
• Minimum Touch
• Stretch Tuning (incl. 88-key User Tuning)
• Temperament (incl. User Temperament)
• Temperament Key
• Key Volume (incl. 88-key User Key Volume)
• Half-Pedal Adjust
• Soft Pedal Depth
No. of Sounds Pianist mode: 10 rendering characters
Sound mode: 88 voices
Reverb Pianist mode: Ambience (10 types)
Sound mode: Reverb (6 types)
Brilliance Yes
Other Effects 24 types
Speakers 10 cm x 4 (top speakers)
1.4 cm x 2 (dome tweeters)
16 cm x 1 (woofer)
Output Power 135 W (45 W x 3)
Headphone Enhancements Discrete SpectraModule™ headphone amplifier
Spatial Headphone Sound
Headphone Type
Headphone Amplifier
Display 5″ LCD touchscreen (480 x 800 pixels)
Key Cover Grand piano fallboard with Soft Fall system
Music Rest Collapsible type (6 angle adjustability)
Dimensions Height: 36.4″
Width: 58.2″
Depth: 25.3″
Weight 279 lbs.
Finish Ebony Polish

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